New Audio: Introducing the Bluesy and Anthemic Sound of Los Angeles’ Dead Posey


Comprised of Danielle Souza (vocals) and Kyle Foster (guitar), Los Angeles, CA-based indie rock duo Dead Posey can trace their origins to when the duo met at an album release party at Serenity West Recording in Hollywood back in 2013. Foster caught Souza’s eye when he was lighting a candle inside a little glass cottage and it led to the duo striking up a joking conversation about setting Tinkerbell’s house on fire. After discovering that they had mutual musical influences, the duo started a band together, which eventually lead to their current project Dead Posey.

Their debut single as Dead Posey “Holy Grail” is a stomping and swaggering bit of anthemic, power chord-based rock that sonically owes a debt to The Black Keys, Dirty Ghosts and the glam rock sounds of T. Rex and others as the song finds the duo pairing Souza’s soulful and gritty vocals with stomping and propulsive drumming and scuzzy yet towering power chords. And although it is a rather familiar yet winning formula, the duo manage to do so with a cool self-assuredness and a sultry sensuality.