New Audio: Introducing the Furious Mod Punk of Tommy and the Commies


Comprised of Jeff Houle, best known as the creative master mind of Strange Attractor; Jeff’s brother Mitch, with whom he’s played in power pop act STATUES; and frontman Tommy Commy, the Sudbury, Ontario, Canada-based punk act Tommy and the Commies can trace their origins to when Commy dragged Jeff Houle into a punk rock venue bathroom stall to play an inaudible demo on his phone. And as the story goes. the Houles decided to collaborate with Commy, after being impressed by his vocals.

The trio’s full-length debut, Here Come .  .  . is slated for a September 28, 2018 release through Slovenly Records, and the album’s first and latest single “Devices” reveals a band that specializes in furious and blistering mod punk centered around angular power chords, a propulsive backbreat and an infectious,  pop-like, shout worthy hook that brings to mind both power pop and The Ramones on speed; but underneath is an incisive criticism of how people are constantly attached to their electronic devices, to the detriment of getting to know someone next to them or to even enjoy the moment.