New Audio: Introducing the Glitchy, Club-Friendly Sounds of The Dedbtz


Although little is known about up-and-coming Los Angeles, CA-based electronic music production unit and electronic music act The Dedbtz; they  recently collaborated with up-and-coming electro pop artist BRĒZY, who the Southern California-based production unit discovered on Spotify’s Weekend Buzz playlist and quickly reached out to collaborate with for their latest single “How Much I Need You.” Consisting of a buoyant and club-rocking production consisting of handclap-led percussion, layers of wobbling and shuffling synths, glitchy background electronics, tweeter and woofer rocking low end along with BRĒZY’s expressive vocals. Lyrically, the song focuses on a relationship between complete opposites that the song’s narrator recognizes is confusing and unusual and yet is something she feels inexplicably pulled towards — and in a way that’s both frightening and thrilling. Combined with the production, the song evokes the swooning confusion and self-doubt filled days of a newfound love in a way that feels and sounds familiar.