New Audio: Introducing The Murky and Eerie Sounds of Seattle’s Nightspace

Nightspace is the solo recording project of its Seattle-based mastermind Bailey Skye. And as Skye explains in press notes, the project is meant to evoke that in-between time, “when the dark part of your consciousness is wrapping its fingers around and opening up for you to take a look inside.”  But Skye has also described the project as a “universal concept of connection and empathy for both me and the live audience. It uses music and movement and visual expressions to connect as only persons can with other persons,” as well as “an emotional release through my writing and movement. it can be something intimate or vulnerable or something rebellious.”  

Interestingly, Nightspace’s Untrue EP is slated for an October 16 release through Seattle-based label, Flat Field Records, a label best known for its Pacific Northwest scene defining compilation Twitch and Gloam, which featured Grave Babies and Nightmare Fortress, and as the label home of Tomten. And the EP’s first single “Mean Kids” is comprised of ominous, mood-setting, swirling electronics, buzzing synths, wobbling bass and persistent and forceful drum programming paired with eerily sung vocals to create a murky and nightmarish sound that feels as though it were peering into the claustrophobic, dark and anxious psyche of its narrator, in a way that reminds me quite a bit of Grave Babies and Disappears — much like a frightening, modern version of Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground.