New Audio: Introducing the Seductive, Party Funk of Boulevards

As the son of renowned, jazz radio DJ, Jamil Rashad grew up in musical household in which a passionate interest in music was fostered and encouraged, and as a result Rashad listened to jazz, blues, R&B and funk. When he was in his teens, the North Carolina-based Rashad became a self-confessed “scene kid” and got into punk, hardcore and metal, which he admits later influence his own solo production work.

After attending art school and playing in a couple of local bands, Rashad wound up returning to the sounds that first captured his heart and imagination — funk. And Rashad began writing and recording what he has described as “party funk jams for the heart and soul to make you move” under the moniker of Boulevards. Naturally, considering that description his sound draws from classic funk including Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, Rick James, Chic and from The Talking Heads and Grace Jones but also is a part of the neo-disco/neo-funk movement that includes acts like Dam-Funk, Escort, Mark Ronson (in particular, “Uptown Funk“) and others.

“Got To Go,” the first single from Rashad’s forthcoming self-titled EP is a straightforward party jam consisting of a sinuous, disco-inspired bass line, stuttering synths, Nile Rodgers-like guitar, a driving rhythm, taut, infectious hooks and Rashad’s seductive coos, which echoes the aforementioned Prince and Rick James, as well as Off The Wall-era Michael Jackson. Production-wise, the song is a marvel of modern production techniques, as the song is effortlessly slick without cleaning up a necessary propulsive sensuality; in other words, much like Giorgio Moroder‘s incredible work with Donna Summer and George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex,” this particular song possesses an urgent, sweaty, carnal desire.

Ironically enough, the song is both a come on and a kiss off towards someone, who the narrator realizes isn’t really worth his time — and in some way sounds like the hook up gone terribly, terribly wrong.