New Audio: Introducing Up-and-Coming Australian Electro-Pop Artist Meredith

Up-and-coming, Brisbane, Australia-based electro folk/electro pop artist Meredith began her musical career in earnest back in 2010, when her desire to write, sing and perform became her lone priority — and almost as quickly as she realized her desire to be creative, the young Australian artist traveled across Australia and Southern Asia before returning back to Australia to finish her studies. And naturally, those experiences have influenced her songwriting.

With the release of “Jumpin’ Beds,” Meredith received attention across her native Australia with many comparing her pop sound to the likes of Lorde and others; however, if you hear her latest single “Levels,” which is a slickly produced and sparsely arranged pop song comprised of swirling electronics, gently stuttering percussion and Meredith’s effortlessly soulful croon that’s beguiling and seductive. Just from this single, I think the international blogosphere will be hearing quite a bit from this woman over the next few months as her sound also compares favorably with other blogosphere darlings including Phoebe Ryan, CAPPA, Chelsea Lankes and others.