New Audio: JOVM Mainstay Brika Returns with Coquettish and Airy Single

Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past few years, you may be familiar with Miami, FL-based JOVM mainstay and electro pop artist Brika. And as you may recall, the Miami-based pop artist has received attention both from this site and across the blogosphere for a sound that draws from trip-hop, jazz and several other genres, as well as a slow-burning neo-soul reworking of Shaggy‘s “It Wasn’t Me,” as well as her debut effort Voice Memos.

Brika’s latest single “Just Wanna Be Single” was produced co-written and produced by R&B singer/songwriter and producer Shy Girls with Grammy Award-winning producer Julio Reyes Capello, and the single pairs a slick but breezy and chilled out production featuring strummed guitar, finger snap-led percussion, languid cascades of synths and an infectious, radio-friendly ear worm of a hook with Brika’s coquettish yet self-assured vocals; but underneath the radio-friend airiness are unusually self-aware and introspective lyrics that capture a modern woman, who is perfectly okay with not having anything particularly serious holding her down; in fact, she wants to simplify her life and her relationships — in some way, she sees relationships as a difficult, time-consuming burden, full of heartache. Certainly, the woman who narrates the song is a fully-fleshed out woman, the sort of woman you’d find self-possessed and self-assured but a bit of a player, and yet beguiling all the same.