New Audio: JOVM Mainstays Bootblacks Return with a Brooding and Atmospheric New Single

Throughout this site’s decade history, I’ve managed to spill quite a bit of virtual ink covering the rising New York-based post-punk act Bootblacks. Now, as you may recall, the post-punk JOVM mainstays — Panther Almqvist (vocals), Alli Gorman (guitar), Barrett Hiatt (synths) and Larry Gorman (drums) — derive their name from novelist William Burroughs’ description of the dark underbelly of New York. Unsurprisingly, the band’s surroundings have deeply influenced their work both sonically and thematically. “It’s an energetic city and people have all the reasons in the world not to give you the time of day,” the band’s Panther Almqvist says in press notes. “I think our music has been shaped by that in many ways.”

In 2012, the New York-based post-punk released their Jim Sclavunos-produced debut EP Narrowed. 2016 saw the release of their full-length debut Veins, which they supported with extensive touring. Interestingly, 2017’s sophomore effort Fragments found the band expanding their sound with the material becoming more synth-based, more atmospheric and much bigger than its immediate predecessors. And as a result, Fragments received quite a bit of attention, which helped the band earn slots on a number of post-punk/New Wave/goth festivals including Cold Waves, Terminus, Absolution, Wave Gotik Treffen and A Murder of Crows — and the album landed on a lot of year-end lists.

The members of Bootblacks have played at every significant venue in the New York Metropolitan area, sharing stages with Clan of Xymox, Light Asylum, HEALTH and VOWWS. Along the way, they’ve managed to tour across North America and Europe. Of course, like countless acts across the world, the members of the rising New York-based post-punk act had plans — and hopes — for a big 2020, pre COVID-19 pandemic quarantines and lockdowns: they were handpicked to open for Modern English during their North American tour this year. Unfortunately, that tour has been postponed. But in the meantime, the band’s highly anticipated Jason Corbett-produced third album Thin Skies will be released through Artoffact Records and the album reportedly finds the band zooming forward where Fragments left off — with its nine songs meshing dance floor pulse and melodic, brooding post-punk with anthemic hooks. The album’s material also features backing vocals from ACTORS‘ Shannon Hemmett, SRSQ‘s and Them Are Us Too‘s Kennedy Ashyln.

Thin Skies continues the band’s long-held thematic concerns: the loneliness of city life. “Most of the lyrics on the album are about loneliness,” says Almqvist. “Looking back on the lyric writing process there seems to be some connective feeling of isolation and distance present in all of the songs… I’m always hoping that a listener personalizes the song, that’s why the songs never have a narrative but try to embody a feeling.”

So far I’ve written about Thin Skies‘ first two singles — the brooding yet dance floor friendly and motorik groove driven “Traveling Light,” and the jittery and anxious “The Jealous Star,” which managed to evoke the anxious and unsettled yearning of a confused. vagabond heart. The album’s third and latest single is the cinematic album title track “Thin Skies.” Centered around thunderous drumming, shimmering blasts of guitars, atmospheric electronics, skittering beats and Almqvist’s brooding vocals, the album title track evokes a very post-modern sense of alienation and despair while simultaneously sounding as though it could part of a soundtrack to a Tarantino-like film noir.

“The story of the road, empty spaces, hours of endless driving across barren landscapes, is not only romantic and fascinating, but something near to every musician’s heart,” Bootblacks’ Almqvist says. “The touring component of music attracts wandering spirits. ‘Thin Skies’ is a tribute to that feeling and to all the lore of independence, loneliness, and mystery that life on the road encompasses.”