New Audio: Leeds’ Honey Guide Releases a Trippy, Feel Good Single

Leeds-based singer/songwriter and musician Jacob Andrews is the creative mastermind behind the rising recording project Honey Guide. Andrews is part of a scene that has recently been pervaded with a spirit of cooperation and collectiveness with various projects trading ideas, members and resources with the idea of uplifting the city’s entire indie scene: Andrews has worked on his material with members of Eades at their Bam Bam Studios. He has also played with Far Caspian, Niall Summerton and Harry Hanson. And he’s currently working on material with Van Houten’s Louis Sadler.

Andrews’ Honey Guide debut EP, A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind is slated for a December 10, 2021 release through Eades’ own Bam Bam Records. The EP will feature previously released singles “I Feel Funny” and “Oh Why” — and the EP’s latest single, the woozy and laconic “Just My Style.” Featuring a shuffling guitar-driven groove, shimmering synth bursts, a bluesy guitar solo and some upbeat, triumphant sax lines, the song shifts in pace and tone with brooding verses and rousingly anthemic choruses before a trippy Dark Side of the Moon/Wish You Were Here-like coda. At its core, “Just My Style” is a feel good anthem that comes from a familiar and deeply lived-in place. Thematically, the song focuses a bit on the odd push and pull many of us feel when in a new relationship/sitautionship: the desire to play it cool and move slowly, and and the desire to surrender yourself fully to your feelings.

“When it came down to writing the lyrics I had just met my partner and we were very much enjoying getting to know each other, and were both a little shocked at how much we had in common, so that inspired me a lot,” Andrews says in press notes. “It’s a sort of love song to her in that sense. A sort of ‘I think you’re cool and I’m really glad I met you’ song. It is also a song about missing a significant other, which is what I tried to portray in the chorus. 

“The song, like most of my songs, started with the music. I had the chords and the groove downs and always hummed the melody along, but never had any words, other than ‘That’s just my style’. For some reason those four words kept coming out of my mouth when I was recording the demo. “