New Audio: London Punk Trio Feature’s “Wisdom Teeth” and “Tourism Fiction”

Originally starting as a duo comprised of Liv Willars (guitar) and Jen Calleja (drums), best known as a member of Sauna Youth and Monotony, London-based band Feature started receiving attention nationally for a drone pop/power punk/riot grrrl sound. Recently, Heather Perkins (bass), known as a member of Slowcoaches joined the band, turning the duo into a trio.

The newly formed trio are quickly building both a national and international profile as they’ve recently toured with Kathleen Hanna‘s newest project, The Julie Ruin and Protomartyr, and have played at the Indietracks Festival. Building on the recent buzz on the trio, the trio with the assistance of Brisbane, Australia-based label Ruined Smile are reissuing their previously sold-out cassette (along with a download code from Ruined Smile’s Bandcamp page), which features three tracks from their Culture of the Copy EP and two songs from their split EP Tourists.

I’m proud to say that we have two tracks from that EP for you to check out — “Wisdom Teeth” and “Tourism Fiction.” “Wisdom Teeth” is comprised of droning, buzzing guitars, persistent drumming and a throbbing bass line and sounds as though it could have released by Bleach or Nevermind-era Nirvana or L7. “Tourism Fiction” on the other hand reminds me a little bit more of Veruca Salt but with an uncanny sense of harmony paired behind the buzzing guitars and screeching feedback. Overall, their sound strikes me as the sort of thing I’d come across in small, seedy basement venues that quickly turn into sweaty mosh pits.