New Audio: Los Angeles Duo, The Bulls’ Latest Single, “Rumors” Channels 120 Minutes-era Alternative Rock

Comprised of Anna Bulbrook, a multi-instrumentalist, best known as a member of The Airborne Toxic Event, and guitarist, Marc Sallis, best known as a member of The Duke Spirit, the Los Angeles-based duo The Bulls can trace their origins to when the duo of Bulbrook and Sallis found themselves repeatedly crossing paths while both of their primary projects were busily touring. And as the story goes, over some time, the duo began to get to know each other and started to bond over their mutual love of New Wave and shoegaze — to the point that they recognized that they should collaborate on something together, even if it was a semi-side project.

Their first single as The Bulls, “Come Unwound” was a gorgeous song which possessed a dreamy and moody 60s pop feel and sounded as though it drew from the likes of Dum Dum Girls and  Phil Spector‘s famed Wall of Sound production. Little has been heard from the duo of Bulbrook and Sallis since the the release of their debut single last year, but they’ve been working on their soon-to-be released debut EP, Small Problems, which is slated for an August 28.

The EP’s latest single “Rumors” is a more-straightforward rock tune comprised of throbbing bass, guitars played through reverb and effects pedals and  a persistent and propulsive drumbeat paired with Bulbrook’s ethereally cooed vocals. Sonically, the song sounds as though it draws from The Pixies and others from 120 Minutes-era MTV, down to alternating quiet, loud, quiet sections and the chiming percussion that seems to subtly signal the song’s catchy yet accusatory hook.