New Audio: Nashville Punk Rockers Datenight Return with an Scuzzy and Anthemic New Single

Comprised of Isaac Talbot (bass), Thomas Borelli (drums) and Grayton Green (guitar, vocals), the up-and-coming Nashville, TN-based punk rock trio Datenight can trace their origins back to 2015 when the trio formed the back — while they were still in high school. Now, if you had been frequenting this site last October, you may recall that although the trio have publicly cited Jay ReatardOblivians and obscure 80s British and New Zealand punk rock as major influences on their songwriting and overall sound, they have at points developed  reputation for material that walks the tightrope between a furious yet straightforward minimalism with songs clocking in at most 2 minutes or so and experimentations with shoegazer-like atmospherics while lyrically their material has generally focused on disappointing and confusing encounters with friends, relatives and others, and a growing sense of alienation and uncertainty that can comes about as you try to maneuver being an adult in a world gone absolutely mad.

Upon graduation, the teenaged trio decided to pursue music as a serious career, going on a constant and relentless touring that resulted in new material, including “Too Good,” a 1977-like punk anthem full of a bristling irony.  Building upon the buzz of that single, the Nashville, TN-based punk rockers will be releasing their latest effort Comin’ Atcha 100MPH on February 23, 2018 and album single “No Lines” will further cement their reputation for jangling and scuzzy 1977-inspired anthemic punk — but interestingly, enough throughout the song there’s a concerted effort on pairing a frenetic energy with a deliberate attention to crafting razor sharp hooks.