New Audio: Old Baby “Someday”

Although they’re comprised of a number of Louisville, KY-based music scene veterans, who have reportedly played in a number of known bands, the psych rock band Old Baby has preferred to operate in a cloak of mystery, so not to distract the listener from the actual music. And in fact, they quietly (and with little fanfare) released their debut single “Someday.” The single which sounds as equally inspired by 60s psych rock, 70s AM radio, 80s atmospheric rock and 90s grunge begins with a section led by congo and other percussion, shimmering yet gently droning guitar chords and feedback and a drawling baritone croon with a beautiful guitar solo before droning keyboards join to change the entire tone of the song. The song doesn’t hew to the traditional or common songwriting structure of verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus; in fact, the song feels and sounds like four different sections held together by the shimmering and droning guitar chords that begin and end the song. In some way, I’m reminded of The Fire TapesPhantoms as that album and this particular song evoke wide open desert skies and Dali-esque landscapes of broken buildings in sand swept environs.