New Audio: Oldermost Returns with a Hazy, Psych Country-Leaning, New Single

Led by frontman Bradford Bucknum, Philadelphia, PA-based indie rock quartet Oldermost’s debut single “Honey With Tea” which I wrote about last month, managed to sound as though it were indebted to Nick DrakeWish You Were Here-era Pink Floyd and 70s AM radio friendly rock as layers of twangy pedal guitar, shimmering electric guitar chords, propulsive drumming, a lush and shimmering string arrangement are paired with Bucknam’s plaintive and tender crooning and up-and-coming Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Rosali’s ethereal yet tender backing vocals in one of the prettier songs I’ve heard this year. But just underneath its psych country leanings was a world weariness that evoked life’s bitter recognitions, uneasy compromises and uncertainties — and how frequently we have to grit our teeth and accept what is and move forward. The band’s latest single “Finally Unsure” is a hazy yet propulsive song that feels like a half-remembered dream mixed with bitter regret while further cementing the band’s burgeoning reputation for carefully crafting psych-country/70s AM radio-leaning indie rock. Lyrically, “Finally Unsure” focuses on an intimate relationship and its innermost workings as perceived by the song’s narrator, and in some way it suggests that a part of any relationship is honestly assessing and then overcoming your own shortcomings and hang ups. That is of course, easier said than done; but it’s in the effort that helps up honestly connect with someone else.