New Audio: Potty Mouth’s Latest Single Channels 120 Minutes-era Alternative Rock

As I’ve frequented mentioned on JOVM, I frequently multitask while playing  many of the countless SoundCloud links and videos I receive, and sometimes I get so caught up that I wind up going through an entire SoundCloud playlist. And unsurprisingly, I wind up being serendipitously introduced to acts and singles that I wouldn’t have normally been introduced to; so the Interwebs can be a boon to even the most jaded music blogger! In any case, I recently stumbled upon the Northampton, MA-based trio Potty Mouth, who recently released their self-titled EP last week.

The EP’s first single “Cherry Picking” reminds me quite a bit of Liz Phair, Veruca Salt and 120 Minutes-era alternative rock, as the song is comprised of scorching guitar chords, propulsive four-on-the-floor drumming and an equally propulsive bass line with arena-rocking hooks to create a sound that’s simultaneously grungy and mosh-pit friendly, as it is radio-friendly. That in itself is a rare feat.