New Audio: Radar Eyes Return with a Jangling and Anthemic, Post-Punk Channeling New Single

Earlier this week, I wrote about Chicago, IL-based quartet Radar Eyes and their 80s post-punk inspired single “Community” off their forthcoming effort Radiant Remains, an effort that sees the band moving from the fuzzy, garage rock that first caught attention towards an anthemic and moody 80s post-punk sound — and an effort meant to be a swan song for the band, in the aftermath of Anthony Cozzi’s (vocals, guitar) relocation to Los Angeles. Radiant Remains’ second and latest single “Midnight Drive” is a jangling and anthemic song consisting of a propulsive drumming and shimmering guitars and a earnest and rousingly anthemic hook that sounds as though it draws from the likes of The Alarm, U2,  CrocodilesHeaven Up Here and Ocean Rain-era Echo and the Bunnymen, and Starfish-era The Church as the song swoons and swaggers with a desperate urgency.