New Audio: Stoner Control Release a Jangling and Anthemic New Single

Currently comprised of Charley Williams (guitar, vocals), Mike Cathcart (drums) and newest member Sam Greenspan, the indie rock trio Stoner Control initially began in 2013 as a temporary side-project that eventually became a full-fledged band that quickly received attention for high-energy pop punk sound with a lo-fi aesthetic paired with earnest lyrics. The band’s forthcoming sophomore Hutch Harris album Alone in the City is slated for an August 31,2018 release and the album reportedly finds the band moving away from the lo-fi sound of their debut and towards a jangling, classic 60s rock ‘n’ roll-inspired sound while lyrically, the album is a shift from the highly personal towards a more open-ended approach — while retaining a playful melancholy.  Interestingly, Alone in the City‘s latest single “Hollywood Hills” sounds as though it could have been released sometime in the early 80s as jangling and shimmering guitar chords are paired with an anthemic, raise-your-beer-in- the-air-and-sing-along-lustily hook; but underneath all of that is a bittersweet wistfulness over what once was and can never be again.