New Audio: Introducing the Breezy and Brooding Sounds of Amsterdam’s Dakota

With the release of their debut single “Icon” and the Leda EP, the Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based indie rock quartet Dakota, comprised of Lisa Brammer, Lana Kooper, Annemarie van den Born and Tessa Radian quickly received international critical applause from Noisey, Nylon and elsewhere for a dreamy yet forceful sound that seemingly meshes elements of Southern California surf rock, garage rock and dream pop. 2017 sees the Amsterdam-based band building upon a growing national and international profile as they’ve played some of the bigger festivals in Europe, including Great Escape — and along with that, the quartet’s new single “Silver Tongue” may arguably be a low-key and mid-tempo feminist anthem. As the band explains, the song is an ode to coping with that person (or people) in your life, who actively try to knock your dreams and goals and piss on your parade at every opportunity; however, the song’s message is to keep your head held high, your eyes on the prize and keep busting your ass to achieve what’s important to you — and never, ever give in to those naysayers.
Sonically, the Dutch quartet’s latest single will further cement their growing reputation for carefully crafted guitar pop played with a cool, self-assuredness that belies the band’s relative youth — and for being both hazy and remarkably anthemic.