New Audio: The Dreamy, 60s-Inspired Sound of Totally Mild’s “When I’m Tired”

Originally started as a solo recording project of its founding member and frontwoman Elizabeth Mitchell, the Melbourne, Australia-based band Totally Mild expanded to a quartet when Mitchell recruited Zachary Schneider, who was a member of Full Ugly and The Great Outdoors; Lehmann Smith, who was a member of Kes Band; and Ashley Budang to flesh out the project’s sound. In their native Australia, the quartet has started to receive attention for a jangling, hook-laden, old-school pop sound — based around angular and shimmering guitar chords, a tight rhythm section and gorgeous harmonies — that seems to my ears at least, to channel Belle and Sebastian, Veronica Falls, Dott, and others. And much like their contemporaries, Totally Mild’s latest single “When I’m Tired” off their recently released full-length effort, Down Time is not only breezy and infectious, it easily sounds as though it were recorded and released in 1964 — but what’s truly impressive about the song is dreamy and effortless lushness. In fact, the song, which clocks in at under 2 minutes seems to quickly dissipate into the ether, like a half-forogtten dream.