New Audio: The Dreamy, Summery Pop of New Zealand’s Glass Vaults’ New Single, “West Coast”

Featuring primary members and co-founders Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce, Wellington, New Zealand-based indie band Glass Vaults are a sextet of close friends, who formed the band in 2010. And over the first few years of the Wellington-based sextet’s history, they quickly developed a reputation for stunningly gorgeous “glacial pop” over three critically-applauded EPs that channeled Sigur Ros — and although the material was icy, it possessed an aching yearning at its very core.

Written largely during a summer spent in New York, Southern Florida and in their hometown, Glass Vault’s long-awaited, full-length debut effort, Sojourn is slated for a September 1 release, and the material is reportedly inspired by Larsen and Pierce’s travels — and as a result, the material evokes the feeling of summer sunlight on your face and lying on the grass and staring at passing clouds until you daydream or until you gently nod off.

The album’s latest single “West Coast” according to the band is  “a sun-drenched love song, set on the West coast of New Zealand’s South Island,” and as you’ll hear, the song is consists of dreamily and achingly earnest vocals floating above an equally dreamy mix comprised of gently swirling electronics, buzzing synths and feedback, acoustic guitar, emphatic, seemingly hip-hop inspired drumming before gently dissipating. This particularly song evokes being awakened from a pleasant reverie that you didn’t quite want to end.