New Audio: The Gorgeous and Atmospheric, New Single from Louisville’s Twin Limb

Comprised of Lacey Guthrie (accordion, keys, vocals), Maryliz Bender (drums, guitar, vocals), Kevin “Twinderella” Ratterman (guitar) and Sara Pitt (credited with “everything you see”). the Louisville, KY-based trio Twin Limb have purposely shrouded themselves in mystery as they proudly boast of a hilariously surreal, sci-fi based backstory that portrays the trio as the heroes of an alternate reality in which the accordion is a powerful instrument of expression and part of the universal, musical language. Somehow, they find themselves stranded in our plane of existence after defeating a quantum bear invasion . . .

In any case, the Louisville-based trio first caught the attention of the blogosphere with the release of “Long Shadow.”a slow-burning, dreamy and atmospheric dirge with droning accordion, shimmering guitar chords fed through layers of effects pedals, a brief but gorgeous string arrangement and equally gorgeous vocals to craft a song that sounds psychedelic and foreboding, and in a way that’s reminiscent of contemporary acts including London Grammar, The Raveonettes and others — and a number of highly acclaimed sets at last year’s SXSW.

“Don’t Even Think” is the first single off the Twin Limb’s forthcoming sophomore EP,  Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense. slated for a November 13 release, and the single is a brooding and atmospheric dirge song with an arrangement of droning accordion, shimmering guitar chords played fed through gentle layers of reverb, swirling feedback and simple yet propulsive drumming paired with Guthrie’s ethereal vocals to create a song that sounds as though it drew influence from Caveman‘s Coco Beware and their sophomore, self-titled effort, filtered through Phil Spector‘s Wall of Sound. It’s a moody and hauntingly gorgeous song that expresses an aching  vulnerability at it’s very core.