New Audio: The Raveonettes Return with a Gorgeous and Bittersweet Addition to their Rave Sound of the Month Series

Comprised of Sune Rose Wagner (guitar, vocals, production) and Sharin Foo (vocals, bass),  The Raveonettes have had a reputation for uncompromisingly forging their own path both creatively and stylistically, as well as for relentless experimentation since their formation back in 2001. And if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past year, you’d recall that the Danish duo have released a single on the last Friday of every month as part of their Rave Sound of the Month series.

The previous Rave Sound of the Month single “Won’t You Leave Me Alone” was a bitter tell off from a jilted and exasperated lover, who’s sick of a partner, who just won’t get the hint that she’s had enough of their lover and their shit — and that it’s time for them to move on. Sonically, the song consisted of a towering and jagged soundscape of swirling and buzzing guitar chords, and thundering drumming that reminds me a little bit of The Jesus and Mary Chain; however, the series latest single “Where Are You Wild Horses” is a dreamy and atmospheric song that pairs with shimmering and subtly twangy guitar chords, breathily cooed vocals, a sinuous bass line, shuffling drumming and a dreamily forlorn melody. Lyrically, the song’s narrator  has accepted the fact that their relationship is over, and that it’s time to move on and let it be part of the past  and a result, it emphasizes a bittersweet reality of the majority of our relationships — that all too often, they end; but that they wind up being part of a intricate and messy life story.