New Audio: The Uncompromising Homeboy Sandman’s Eerie New Single “Arrows”

As I’ve said a number of times on this site, Homeboy Sandman is arguably one of contemporary hip-hop’s most prolific, inventive and uncompromisingly challenging artists. As an emcee, there are few like him, who tackle complicated subjects so effortlessly and with such a creative use of wordplay throughout. Certainly, if you’re familiar with Sandman, you most likely admire him and his work — and if you weren’t previously familiar, I hope that you’ll get acquainted with him and his work.

His latest single “Arrows” produced by Mondee features Sandman rhyming and making allusions to William Shakespeare, while talking about how there are only two types of emcees — wack emcees and dope emcees — over an eerie organ and guitar sample backed with boom bap beats.