New Audio: Toronto’s Tidal Wave Releases an Anthemic Ode to Heartbreak and Survival

Tidal Wave is an emerging Toronto-based indie rock/art rock septet. Citing a diverse array of influences including M83, Depeche Mode and Arcade Fire, the emerging Canadian outfit released their self-titled debut EP last year.

After the release of their debut EP, the members of Tidal Wave wanted to create a bold song with lots of layers to open their show up and create more intensity. The band wound up with their first single of the year, the anthemic Silversun Pickups-like “This Cost of Life.” Centered around an alternating quiet verses, explosively loud chorus song structure, featuring thunderous drumming, soaring strings, big power chords and plaintive vocals, “This Cost of Life” captures the swooning melancholy and regret that happens as the result of a painful breakup. But it isn’t hopeless or despairing.

The song seems to suggest that although the end of a relationship can be devastating, heartbreaking and life altering, it’s part of the cost of living. You may be heartbroken but that relationship gave you something wonderful — a better understanding of yourself and what you want and need, the highs of love and connection and so on. Also while you think you may be the only one suffering; you’re not. Everyone has been there before. It sucks but it isn’t the end of the world either.