New Audio: Vancouver’s Carbon Mass Releases a Breezy Single

Vancouver-based electro pop duo Carbon Mass — multi-instrumentalist and producer Sina Lankarani, and vocalist and guitarist Tim Clariddge — can trace their origins to a chance meeting back in 2016. And since their formation, the members of Carbon Mass have been busy developing and honing their sound while writing and releasing material that the duo say is informed by Radiohead and David Bowie‘s Blackstar.

The duo’s latest single “French Call Girl” is a carefully crafted song centered around shimmering guitar, atmospheric synths, skittering beats, a motorik-like groove, a soaring hook that serves as an chilly bed for Claridge’s plaintive, Thom Yorke-like vocals. And while their sound continues to sound informed by Radiohead and Blackstar-era Bowie, to my ears, I also hear JOVM mainstays Palace Winter‘s Nowadays album. In other words, hook driven and breezy pop that’s paired with sobering thematic concerns.