New Single: Mysterious Act WORLD GOVERNMENT Shares a Brooding, New Single

WORLD GOVERNMENT is a mysterious post rock outfit that formed back in 2007. After several releases and numerous live shows, the members of WORLD GOVERNMENT focused on a writing and recording a full-length album.  As the story goes, while working on their album, they felt into the trap of perfectionism and as a result, the band wound up secluding themselves for a period of several years.

However, that period resulted in a batch of new material including “Rain, drops,” a slow-burning and meditative composition that evokes rainy Spring afternoons as I wrote earlier this year. The mysterious act’s latest single “Lucky” is part of a maxi-single EP that will feature variations of the same song — as though they came from parallel universes.

“Lucky” is a sparse and meditative song centered around looping guitar, buzzing bass synths, twinkling and arpeggiated melodic synths and skittering beats paired with plaintive vocals dripping with a bit of emotional ambiguity and irony. While managing to nod at Depeche Mode‘s “Enjoy the Silence,” the members of WORLD GOVERNMENT explain that he song is “a bit cautious, a bit sad, a bit sarcastic” and “is about being in the moment, feeling ‘now.’ We are finally out of our comfort zone. What’s next?”