New Video: Check Out a Strutting, Badass Elvis Impersonator in The Atom Age’s “Wasteoid”

Currently comprised of Ryan Perras (vocals, guitar), Peter Niven (vocals, guitar). John Murgueitio (drums), Brendan Frye (saxophone), Fred Brott (organ) and Kevin Mohn (bass), the Oakland, CA-based sextet The Atom Age originally formed in 2009, and over the years they’ve developed a reputation for a sound that draws from 60s proto-punk and garage rock, R&B — and have been compared to the likes of Link Wray, The Murder City Devils, Hot Snakes and Rocket From The Crypt. They’ve also developed a reputation both across the country for a high energy live show, and interestingly, like most punk-orientated bands they built up their reputation through relentless touring and word-of-mouth.

After making quite of noise in the Bay Area, Asian Man Records signed the band and release their sophomore effort in 2012. After taking a break from touring last year, the members of The Atom Age spent time honing their sound, recruiting a six member, who would play transistor combo organ and then writing the material that would wind up comprising their forthcoming third full-length effort, Hot Shame, slated for an August 28 release. 

The album’s second and latest single “Wasteoid” consists of propulsive and persistent drumming, explosive horn lines, surfer rock-like guitar chords, twisting and turning organ chords and howled vocals throughout, and it gives the song a raw, sleazy feel; in fact, it sounds as though Iggy and the Stooges decided to cover “The Twist” in a dingy, sweaty club — and it’s fucking awesome.

The official video was shot throughout Northern California and features an Elvis impersonator driving around in a gorgeous pink Cadillac, strutting and dancing about town and being a total badass in exact tune to the actual song.