New Video: Check Out the Dark, Murky Sounds and Visuals of Stockholm’s Dolores Haze

Dolores Haze is a Stockholm, Sweden-based lo-fi, punk quartet that has received quite a bit of attention across their native Sweden and internationally for a sound that Stereogum, The Line of Best Fit, Noisey and NME have compared favorably to British blogosphere darlings Wolf Alice. Adding to a growing international profile, the Swedish quartet has played two of the largest festivals in the UK — End Of The Road and Latitude.

The band’s latest effort, The Haze Is Forever is slated for a release next Friday — Friday, the 13th no less! — and the album’s first single “Touch Me” is a slow-burning and ominous song comprised of layers upon layers of sludgy power chords, chiming guitar chords played through reverb, which create a subtle and dreamy drone, and a tight motorik-like groove consisting of propulsive drumming and murky and throbbing bass to create a song that sounds as though it draws influence from L7, Sonic Youth, Bleeding Rainbow and a few others. But somehow, their sound is murkier and claustrophobic.

The recently released official video features people doing depraved things to themselves and other people in a dingy apartment while the band performs the song in the background. And in some way the video possesses a surreal, nightmarish logic in which someone’s deepest, darkest fantasies and desires are revealed.