New Video: Check Out This Guy Getting Down to Society’s Protocol

Comprised of 24 year old vocalist James Girdier and producer Brendan Lynch, the duo of Society initially released two highly sought-after limited edition releases under the a veil of mystery that has been gradually lifted with the release of the duo’s latest single “Protocol.” Interestingly, with their first few releases, Society’s sound has been compared favorably to PortisheadScott Walker, The Verve, J, DillaLee Hazlewood and others.   “Protocol,” the duo’s latest single meshes hip-hop inspired beats, moodily swirling electronics, warm blasts of horn with Girdier’s effortlessly soulful vocals, and it does so with a cool, old-school swagger that channels Portishead, Jamiroquai and others but with a breezier feel that belies the song’s brooding nature.

The recently released video features a goofy — and extremely British — young man dancing to the song with hip-hop inspired stepping in a sparsely arranged studio as though he had been practicing his routine for hours. And although the young man isn’t a particularly gifted dancer. you can see the look of concentration and joy on his face — and that’s pretty infectious.