New Video: Copenhagen All-Girl Trio Baby In Vain’s Ass-Kicking, Name-Taking “Muscles”

Comprised of Lola Hammerich (vocals, guitar)  and Andrea Thuesen (vocals,  guitar) and Bendicte Pierleoni (drums), the young, up-and-coming Copenhagen Denmark-based trio Baby In Vain have rapidly built up and international profile as they’ve opened for the likes of Ty Segall, Thurston Moore, The Kills on their current North American tour. That is of course, in addition to the breathless praise that the Danish trio have received from media outlets such as Clash Magazine, NMEThe Guardian, BBC Radio 1 and others for heavy, power chord-based rock that they have compared to the likes of The Melvins, Black Sabbath and The MC5, and although those are fair and lofty comparisons, I can also add to that list, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains — in particular, think of “Fourth of July” off Superunknown and “Outshined” off Badmotorfinger or “Would?” off Dirt.
The Danish trio’s latest single “Muscles” comes as the trio is reportedly finishing up their full-length debut, slated for release at the end of the year, and I think that the single will further cement their growing international reputation for crafting material with blistering power chords, thundering drumming and harmonized vocals paired around anthemic, ass kicking, muscular hooks.
The official video has also received quite a bit of attention as the concept behind it is a rather surreal dinner party that features a shirtless man servant/slave, champagne, some of the strangest and most disgusting “food” you’ll come across.
Delivering a stunningly intense show…Sludge-driven, confrontational and punk-influenced, Clash Magazine says that the single’Muscles’ is “Baby In Vain at their most direct, taut and addictive”. Reminiscent of The Melvins, say, but with the weight of Black Sabbath.” 

‘Muscles’ comes as the band put the finishing touches to their debut album, due for release late 2015.    Baby In Vain take the templates laid out by the likes of Black Sabbath, MC5 and The Melvins and skew them with youthful, experimental abandon, to create something completely unique and truly invigorating.  It is filthy rock with dirty guitar riffs, complex and detail rich compositions, ear catching hooks, and screeching callback vocals. Being but 19-21 years of age, the three girls have impressively fast found their own place in a genre most often dominated by middle aged men.
‘Muscles’ was first heard on Baby In Vain’s SoundCloud last month and has been lauded by NME, DIY and Guardian and been played by Phil Taggart on BBC Radio 1.   They also unveiled the provocative and surreal new video for their track ‘Muscles’.  Surrounded by a muscle-bound henchman and a sickening buffet of sugary sweets and seafood, the Danish teenagers take control in this confrontational display of power and sexual energy.