New Video: Introducing the Dreamy Psych Rock Sound of London’s The Pacers

The London-based psych rock quartet The Pacers can trace their origins to 2013 when the band’s founding members Alexander Friedl (guitar and vocals) and Harry Stam (guitar) met under what they’ve described as “mysterious circumstances.” Bonding over a shared interest and love all things 60s and a mutual desire to escape the monotony of their lives, the duo picked up their guitars and started writing songs. One of Stam’s former bandmates, Jay Creswell (bass) and Jamie Yuan (drums) were later recruited to flesh out and complete the quartet’s lineup.

Soon after their formation, the quartet have set about to make a name for themselves in London’s underground scene with a sound that draws influences from 60s psych rock and garage rock — in particular, think of The Stooges, The Rolling Stones and others, while nodding towards early shoegaze. Interestingly. The Pacers debut single “Losing Touch” is comprised of shimmering guitar chords fed through gentle layers of reverb, gently swirling feedback and soft yet propulsive percussion paired with Friedl’s hushed vocals to craft a gorgeous, Eastern-leaning song that sounds as though it were released in 1965 as easily as it could have been in 1992 or this year; in fact, the song to my ears, reminds me so much of The Verve’s A Storm in Heaven and of Sleepy Sun. However, lyrically the song seems to describe the sensations and thoughts of someone, who is trying to kick a nasty drug habit cold turkey — or of someone who’s tripping on

The official video which is shot in a grainy filter reminiscent of Instagram features split screens of the band presumably recording the song in the studio and of the lead singer, waking up in a forest and wandering around in a forest in a slight daze. It’s a fitting yet trippy video.