New Video: Introducing The Old School Hip Hop-Inspired Sounds of Virginia’s Aspiring Acolytes of Rap Production

As I’ve mentioned countless times throughout the history of this site, I frequently receive quite a number of emails from artists, producers, publicists, labels, and band managers from all over the world. And of course, it makes my mission of presenting a variety of music across the globe increasingly possible. In any case, I recently received an email from a Virginia-based producer and emcee Ixra Divide, who has collaborated with recent JOVM Joanie Wolkoff, who’s been receiving attention across the blogosphere with her solo recording project Wolkoff.

The Ixra Divide’s side project Aspiring Acolytes of Rap Production — AARP get it? — features him and his best friend essentially fucking around and rhyming over golden era hip-hop-based samples as you’ll hear on this video, which was partially recorded in a Virginia swamp. In particular, their first single sounds as though it owes a major sonic debt to Dilated Peoples, J. Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest — all incredible acts to claim as influences and to emulate in some fashion.