New Video: Jennie Vee’s Swooningly Romantic Shoegaze on “Spying”

Certainly, after having stints in both Courtney Love‘s and Lana Del Rey’s backing bands, the Canadian-born, New York-based singer/songwriter and bassist Jennie Vee has received quite a bit of attention, making the recent release of her sophomore EP Spying seem to be rather opportune. Independent of her famous connections, Vee is an exceptional talent. Spying is swooning and seductive bit of shoegaze that channels Echo and the BunnymenRIDE, The Unforgettable Fire-era U2The Stone Roses and contemporary acts like Dum Dum Girls as you’ll hear guitar played through gentle washes of reverb, propulsive bass and thundering drumming paired with Vee’s ethereally cooed vocals floating through a gorgeous yet turbulent mix. And thematically, the material at its core deals with frustratingly unrequited love, dysfunctional relationships and unbridled desire that feels familiar – and yet manages to feel more vulnerable, seductive and present.

Along with the EP’s first single, a gorgeous, pitch-perfect cover of Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Lips Like Sugar,” the EP’s latest single, EP title track, “Spying” exemplifies the gorgeously moody sound and swooning Romanticism that has captured my attention and the rest of the blogosphere.

And of course, fitting for such a swooningly Romantic song the recently released video features Vee dramatically writing love letters, Vee and another woman reading tarot cards over tee, and most important, Vee looking both gorgeous and moody.