New Video: Lady Low’s Stunning and Passionate, New Love Ballad “Burning Like A Fever”

Over the past few months, the Los Angeles-based quintet Lady Low have become something of a JOVM mainstay, as I’ve written about the band a handful of times over the past few months. Of course, because there are occasionally new folks to the site — or some folks who need their memories refreshed, let’s discuss some backstory: Comprised of founding member Jimmy Sweet (guitar, vocals), who as once a member of the San Francisco, CA-based punk band Richmond Sluts and a touring member of Hot Hot Heat, Rachel Maxann (vocals, synth and bass), Eden Lee (vocals, drums), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin) and Hannah Blumenfeld (violin), the quintet have received quite a bit of attention from this site and across the blogosphere for a sound that the members of the band has dubbed “Romance rock.” Sonically, they combines s straightforward, old-school, rock ‘n’ roll three chord, 12-bar blues approach with gorgeously lush string arrangements which gives their material a gritty yet swooning (and of course, dramatic) feel that also manages to indirectly channel Phil Spector’s classic “Wall of Sound.”

Much like their previously released singles, Lady Low’s latest single “Burning Like A Fever” further cements their already established reputation for crafting brooding and dramatic songs that tremble and burn with an unquenchable passion. But interestingly enough, “Burning” may be the most straightforward and most refreshingly old-fashioned love song that they’ve released to date — and it may arguably be the most stunningly gorgeous song I’ve heard this year.