New Video: Night Club Takes Alice in Wonderland to Hell in Video for “Dear Enemy”

2016 has been a rather big year for Night Club, a Los Angeles, CA-based electro pop duo comprised of Emily Kavanugh and Mark Brooks as they released the official soundtrack to Comedy Central‘s Moonbeam City earlier this year and they quickly followed that up with their full-length debut Requiem for Romance, which not only had the duo aiming for a louder, club-friendly/arena-friendly electronic sound. And as a result, the album may be the duo’s most commercially successful, attention-grabbing effort to date as the album was the #2 Most Added and hit number 7 on CMJ’s PRM chart where its remained on the chart for over 10 weeks. Additionally, the album is a top 15 electropop best-seller on Bandcamp while UK-based electronic music site Electricity Club named “Pray” in their Top 30 Songs of 2016. Also, the duo wrote the score for the recently released feature-length film Nerdland starring Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt.
Requiem for Romance‘s latest single “Dear Enemy” pairs Kavanaugh’s breathily sultry vocals with an incredibly slick, propulsive and dance floor-friendly production featuring wobbling low-end, undulating layers of shimmering synths and skittering drum programming — but under the gleaming surface is bitter, vitriol-fueled recrimination and accusation, betrayal and vows to get revenge. As the band’s Emily Kavanagh explains in press notes “It’s been a pretty rough year for us personally, so making this record was our only form of therapy. It’s the angriest, most introspective music that we’ve ever made, while being ‘pop’ at the same time.”
The recently released music video borrows off a similar Alice in Wonderland motif as seen in Tom Petty‘s “Don’t You Come Around Here No More” but with a malevolent air as it implies torture, mental and emotional manipulation and revenge fantasies.