New Video: Sacramento’s Dog Party Brings Back Memories of Old School Punk on “Operation #2”

Comprised of Sacramento, CA-based sibling duo, Gwennie and Lucy Giles, Dog Party‘s sound draws from the classic punk of the Ramones and contemporaries like Ty Segall, Cub, Tiger Trap and others; in other words, incredibly hook-laden songs consisting of scuzzy guitar chords, thundering drumming and a ridiculous sense of melody.

With the 2013 release of Lost Control the duo received both national and international attention. Adding to a growing profile, the Giles sisters have played gigs across the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France, and as a result the Northern California-based sibling duo caught the attention of renowned indie rock label Burger Records, who co-released Dog Party’s most recent effort, Vol. 4 with Asian Man Records last month.

Reportedly, while recording Vol. 4 with producer Chris Woodhouse, best known for his work with Devendra Banhart, FM Knives, A-Frames, the sibling duo pushed for louder drums and a scuzzier, garage sound — and in some way it subtly (and gently) pushes their sound towards energetic, old school-inspired punk. And as you’ll hear on the duo’s latest single “Operation #2,” the duo’s sound will remind some of the Ramones, Rancid and the sort of punk you’d come across while at Coney Island High, The Continental and CBGB’s.