New Video: Story of the Running Wolf’s Fittingly, Weird Science-Inspired Video for Electric

Since their formation in 2012, the Los Angeles-based synth pop duo Story of the Running Wolf, comprised of Josh D’Elia and Jeffrey Chernick have developed a reputation for a retro-sound meshed with modern production techniques, which the duo have described as “an intergalactic John Hughes party on Neptune.” Certainly, if you were alive in the 80s, the Los Angeles-based duo’s sound should be familiar and nostalgia-inducing — upbeat songs consisting of layers of shimmering synths paired with pumping, club-rocking beats and earnest, plaintive vocals. As a result, the duo have made appearances at CMJ, SXSW, TBD Fest, Lightning in a Bottle and Palm Springs Pride and then went into the studio with producer Harlan Silverman, who’s worked with Mayer Hawthrone and Madi Diaz to record their recently released EP, Electric.

Breezy, EP title track, “Electric” sounds as though it could have been released during the American Bandstand days as the song is comprised of layers of shimmering and cascading synths, gently swirling electronics, four-on-the-floor-inspired electronic drumming, vocals which express a plaintive desire paired with an infectiously danceable hook. Interestingly, with the release of the Electric EP, the Los Angeles-based duo put themselves on a growing list of 80s-inspired contemporary acts including St. Lucia, Haerts and others — but with clean, contemporary production.

Speaking of John Hughes, the fittingly 80s-inspired video follows two boys, who decide to build a musical robot after discovering a broken synthesizer in the trash bin of a local pawn shop. In Weird Science fashion, the boys bring to life a gorgeous, femme fatale with floppy disks, welding tools and other electronics, who takes them to a neon bright dance party in which Story of the Running Wolf perform the song.