New Video: The Brooding Visuals for Ten Fe’s R&B-Leaning “Turn”

Over the past year or so, I’ve written a bit about  London-based indie duo Ten Fe. Comprised of comprised of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan, the indie pop duo took the blogosphere by storm with the release of their critically praised single “Make Me Better,” before closing out last year with the equally anthemic and atmospheric “In The Air.” Interestingly, the duo’s latest single is a subtle but discernible expansion of the duo’s sound, as the slow-burning single gently nods at R&B and soul, as swirling, ambient electronics are paired with shimmering guitar chords and plaintive vocals that express vulnerability within a turn of a phrase, and stuttering drum programming in what may arguably be one of the duo’s most restrained single they’ve released to date. And while being a taste of what the duo’s forthcoming and highly-anticipated full-length debut, the song lyrically speaks about a relationship fraught with bitterness,  uncertainties, miscommunications and deceit — both real and perceived. As a result, the relationship is filled with suspicion, with the song’s narrator openly questioning everything his lover is telling him, while wondering if there’s someone else.

The recently released music video features the duo of Moorhouse and Duncan, along with their backing band playing the song in several different locales and appropriately brooding about London.