New Video: The Dark and Trippy Video for \\GT//’s “Something’s Wrong With My Mind”

Comprised of Scotty Lee (vocals, guitar), Byron Sonnier (bass) and Mike Beasley (drums). the Birmingham, AL-based trio \\GT// has gone through several iterations since its founding member Lee started the project as a sort of one man arts and music project, which has been known at various times as Green Teeth, Get Tryin’ and Ghost Traveler. Initially, Lee, who had been playing in a variety of local bands across Birmingham, started \\GT// as a  chance for him to separate himself from the frustrations of band life and start an outlet that would be forever his.

Beats Misplaced, the trio’s forthcoming full-length debut is slated for an October 16 through the renowned Birmingham-based label, Communicating Vessels, and the album’s latest single “Something’s Wrong With My Mind” is a  muscular and frightening bit of psych rock comprised of distorted and scorching guitar chords, persistent and forceful drumming, throbbing bass chords and howled vocals to craft a song that sounds as though it owes an equal debt to thrash rock, punk rock and psych rock simultaneously.

The recently released official video splices footage of the band performing the song in an abandoned house playing the soundtrack of a tense, paranoid and unsettling horror movie, based on the warped and fractured psyche of its protagonist. Is she truly insane or is she just acting out?