New Video: The Gorgeous and Haunting, New Video for Wax Idols’ “Lonely You”

A little over two years have passed since the release of Wax Idols‘ critically applauded 2013 release, Discipline + Desire, and during that period, the band’s frontperson and primary songwriter Hether Fortune had a stint as a touring member of the acclaimed act, White Lung and went through a rather heartbreaking divorce, which actually informs a great deal of the material on the band’s recently released third, full-length album, American Tragic.

And although the album is influenced and informed by a profoundly sad experience, as Fortune explained in press notes, “this is not an entirely sad album. The whole spectrum of grief is represented here — shock, pain, anger, loneliness, and then finding a way to work through all of that and not only survive, and thrive. That’’s what I was going through. I was kind of trying to save myself.””

Interestingly, Fortune initially wrote and recorded every single note on the album and in many ways it gives the entire album and its first single “Lonely You” a deeply personal vision and point of view, in which the heartache at the core of “Lonely You” is hauntingly palpable — especially if you’ve gone through the breakup and dissolution of a lengthy relationship. And within the song, the song’s narrator is haunted by the ghosts of a relationship that has just ended — and as a result there’s a push and pull between the fear of the unknown as you attempt to piece your life together and move forward, the sensation of desperately wanting and needing that person back, and the realization that although life will and people will break your heart, that life will also push you forward.

Sonically speaking, the song sounds as though it draws heavily from 80s New Wave — in particular, Concrete BlondeSiouxsie and the Banshees, Too True-era Dum Dum Girls and others, as the song is comprised of shimmering guitar chords, four-on-the-floor drumming and Fortune’s dusky, seductive croon.

The recently released music video was directed by Dustin Senovic and features Dion Oliver, as well as costume design by Domonique Echeverria, and paper cranes made by Jen Goland. And as Senvoic explained in press notes about his concept for the video: “”‘Lonely You’ speaks to the strangulating pain, yet self-contradicting relief that comes [from the] ending a love contract — an enigmatic process, inherently boundless and fluid.  I parted ways with literal portrayals of Hether’’s own history and instead represented it with ambiguous forms and environments that merge and affect each other.  These were paired with a narrative treatment for structure —an elaborate alchemic ceremony “in blue,” by which she cycles through multiple realities, including death, to release the agent of her despair. She knowingly interacts with projections of emptiness, narcissism, and even cruelty — while lyrically she’s actually describing the antagonist.  This gave way to a form I wasn’t necessarily intending to characterize, but rather gladly accepted — her duality mirrors the line in the song “’It was a sorry gilded cage that bound our hearts together.”'” And visually, the video is gorgeous and moody, while emphasizing the deeply conflicting emotions at the core of the song.

The band will be embarking on a cross country tour that starts tomorrow in Denver and includes an NYC area date. Check out the tour dates below.

Wax Idols Tour Dates

Oct. 23rd – Denver, CO – Juice Church

Oct. 24th – Lincoln, NE – Knickerbocker’s

Oct. 27th – Chicacgo, IL – The Empty Bottle

Oct. 28th – Detroit, MI – Marble Bar (w/ Blood Stone)

Oct. 29th – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto

Oct. 31st – Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus (w/ Azar Swan & DJ Becka Diamond)

Nov. 2nd – Atlanta, GA – The Earl

Nov. 4th – Austin, TX – Mohawk

Nov. 5th – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tigers

Nov. 7th – Phoenix, AZ –  The Rebel Lounge (w/ Body of Light & Ascetic House DJs)

Nov, 8th – Los Angeles, CA – Complex (w/ Pleasures & DJ Shannon Cornett)