New Video: The Surreal, New Video for Slow Hands’ Atmospheric and Bluesy “Phonograph Love”

Vermont native Ryan Cavanaugh is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, who grew up listening to jazz, the blues and soul and Cavanaugh is probably best known for his solo recording project, Slow Hands, which has seen quite a bit of attention since he signed with the Brooklyn-based indie label Wolf + Lamb Music. Interestingly, after releasing a number of singles, remixes and a critically well-received EP, Everything We Are, last year, the Vermont native established a reputation as an up-and-coming deep house DJ, producer and remixer whose sound frequently possessed deep and soulful grooves.

Cavanaugh’s debut full-length effort, I’ll Find Me is slated for a November 6 release and the album is reportedly a massive and unexpected change in sonic direction. In fact, I’ll Find Me‘s first single “Phonograph Love” is comprised of ambient and twinkling synths and keyboards, hip-hop inspired skittering beats and shuffling guitar chords paired with Cavanaugh’s wispy and ethereal vocals. Sonically, the song sound as though it were channeling the moody atmospherics of Portishead and Sneaker Pimps but with an old school, bluesy swagger.

The recently released official video directed by the Berlin-based art collective Crystalmafia possesses a surreal, dream-like logic as it follows a couple — Cavanaugh and his muse — through Barcelona’s monuments, town squares, gardens and labyrinths smashing fruit, spraying milk onto things, looking as though they’re suffering through an existential crisis on the beach and other strange, strange things. And much like a very vivid dream. it feels and looks impossibly real — even when things don’t quite make sense.