New Video: The Taut and Anxious, New Video for Viet Cong’s “Bunker Buster”

Over the past year, the Calgary, Alberta-based quartet of Viet Cong, comprised of Matt Flegel (bass, vocals), Scott Munro (guitar), Daniel Christiansen (guitar) and Mike Wallace (drums) have received quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for their controversial name in a heightened age of political correctness and for the release of their self-titled full-lenth debut released earlier this year. (Reportedly, the band will be going through a name change as a result of the controversy.)

The material on their debut effort was primarily influenced and written while the quartet embarked on a 50 date tour, and was recorded in a barn, turned studio in rural Ontario. And the material is taut, moody, stormy, claustrophobic and buzzes with an anxious discomfort as it evokes the sensation of being stuck in close quarters with people who are slowly getting on your last nerve.

Album single “Bunker Buster” sounds as though it owes a debt to Gang of Four, Turn on the Bright Lights-era Interpol and Joy Division as the song is comprised of tense, angular guitar chords, forceful percussion and throbbing bass paired with seemingly detached vocals describing the eerie beauty of snow falling in cold, desolate landscape to craft a song that feels icy, foreboding and unsettled.

The recently released official video for the song is a fittingly noir-ish video shot in the Lower East Side, spliced with surveillance footage and stock footage from B movies as the video follows a woman, traveling throughout Lower Manhattan as though she’s being chased — and suggests that she gets captured and tortured. As a photographer, there a number of shots that I envy — in particular, the woman riding the escalator at the Broadway-Lafayette F, D and 6 station; and the shot of the swinging lanterns in Chinatown. Whoa.