New Video: Uni Rocks Out Until the Bomb Drops in Visuals for “Mushroom Cloud”

Founded by the Atlanta, GA-born, New York-based model, singer/songwriter and musician Kemp Muhl, who’s best known as one-half of The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, with Sean Lennon and featuring David Strange (guitar) and Nico Fuzz (vocals, guitar), the New York-based trio Uni specializes in an slick, anthemic, power chord-based rock that’s indebted to 70s glam rock and power pop as you’ll hear on the act’s latest single “Mushroom Crowd,” which will be part of their forthcoming 7 inch, slated for a March 23, 2018 release through Chimera Music. And the single manages to slyly evoke the current sociopolitical climate, in which we’re all afraid of what seems to be an impending nuclear holocaust by asking the listener “what you do if you get the news that the nuclear missiles are coming and you have maybe 3 minutes left?”

Directed and animated by Rich Ragsdale, the recently released video features the high-heeled and bell-bottomed members of Uni playing an ass-kicking concert at the end of life as we know it — but at its core, the video suggests that the threat of nuclear annihilation is essentially a bunch of dick waving that could kill us all. And of course, the band plays until their faces melt off. Whoa.