New Video: Up-and-Coming Australian Producer and Electronic Music Artist MUTO Releases Cinematic Yet Surreal Visuals for “Tessellating” feat. Oliver Dibley

MUTO is a 20-something, Sydney, Australia-born and-based electronic music producer, who quickly emerged into the national scene with the release of two attention grabbing, incredibly unique yet soulful, chart topping singles “Wildfire,” and “Say Nothing.” The up-and-coming Australian electronic music producer’s first single of this year “Tessellating” will further cement his reputation for crafting slick, soulful and crowd pleasing electro pop — but while pushing his sound in a new, experimental direction as it’s centered around a production consisting of layers of glitchy electronics, arpeggiated synths, tweeter and woofer rocking beats, weird, asymmetrical textures which Oliver Dibley croons in a sultry and plaintive fashion about the interchanging and confusing nature of a relationship. In this sense, relationships can change and bend dependent on the lens and perspective you’re looking through, much like light refracting through a mirror.

Directed by  Visitor Studio‘s Melbourne, Australia-based, award winning duo Lukas Shrank and George Thompson, the recently released video while cinematically shot possesses a surreal and dream-like logic that suggest that love — whether romantic or platonic — can frequently feel like being free fall, and landing in some random place without explanation or reason.