New Video: WINDHAND’s Psychedelic and Nightmarish Video for “Crypt Key”

With the release of their first two full-length efforts, the Virginia-based band WINDHAND, comprised of Garrett Morris (guitar), Parker Chandler (gass) Dorthia Cottrell (vocals), Asechiah Bogdan (guitar), Ryan Wolfe (drums), have developed a reputation for a forceful, doom metal comprised of huge, dirge-like power chords and a tight rhythm section. Produced by Jack Endino best known for his work with Nirvana, Soundgarden and High On Fire, the Virgnia quintet’s forthcoming third-full length effort Grief’s Internal Flower may put the band on the national map as the material, which you’ll hear on the album’s latest single, “Crypt Key,” channels Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age and several others but filled with an even more palpable (and seductive) sense of gloom and doom, as the song is comprised of slow-burning, scorching power dirge chords, thundering drums and Cottrell’s ethereal vocals floating over a sludgy, grungy mix.

The official video employs kaleidoscopic filters, stock footage of wildlife at dusk and at moonrise, old black and white movies, horror films, footage of the band performing the song to create a haunting video with a nightmarish, feverish logic.