New York-based emcee, producer and DJ Tecla has developed a sound that manages to contain elements of hip hop, pop music, Tropicala, Caribbean music (such as soca and calypso) and funk. Her second album We Are the Lucky Ones was released yesterday through Mayimba Music. The album’s first single, “Fake Tears” had Tecla singing uplifting lyrics over bass heavy, tribal beats – sonically, the song bears a slight resemblance to Timbaland’s revolutionary production work with Missy Elliott and Nelly Furtado. in other words, it has a shimmering, staccato kind of quality to it. 

Tecla enlisted Gordon Voidwell to remix “Fake Tears” and he replaces the modern R&B sound for that of the slick 80s synth R&B that Motown specialized in during the 80s – think of the WhispersRock Steady, the TemptationsTreat Her Like a Lady,“ Oran "Juice” Jones’ “The Rain” and others. It also bears a resemblance to French Horn Rebellion’s recent foray into New Jack Swing with their Love Is Dangerous EP.