New York-based singer/songwriter Alexa Dexa has long been a fascinating subject for me, as her work possesses several layers of strikingly intriguing dichotomy.  Her work focuses on rather mature thematic content and pairs it with a child-like whimsy that’s evocative and displays a unique artistic vision. Although it’s not an exact comparison, much like Shabazz Palaces and THEESatisfaction, Alexa Dexa’s work sounds unlike anything currently out there – especially since the New York-based singer/songwriter’s sound is comprised of hauntingly eerie melodies, bass heavy, electronic beats and a collection of toy instruments including bells and a Schoenhut toy piano.

“Leave” is a single that she’s performed countless times and it appears on her debut full-length effort, a symphony  of band-aids for the visionary wound, and the single is comprised of swirling 8 bit bloops and bleeps, chiming bells and Alexa Dexa’s effortlessly soulful jazz-like vocals. At the very core of the song is an urgent, obsessive desire – the sort that makes parting from a lover seem like the worst, most unendurable pain on earth. 

The recently release official video continues the young singer/songwriter’s reputation for striking dichotomy. The video filmed by Gold House Media and directed by Natasha Beste features Alexa Dexa on her knees in a luminous and billowing pink dress, which makes her and her bells seem as though they’re floating. Quick edits and spliced animated sequences evoke a dream-like logic, which helps further heightens the song’s ethereal, fever-dream like feel.