Night Drive, the electro pop duo of Rodney Connell and Bradley Duhon, started collaborating together when they the woman they had both been unwittingly dating simultaneously had suddenly died. And their sound manages to bear an uncanny similarity to Joy Division – although their influences on their latest effort, Position 1 include not just Joy Division, but the Knife, LCD Soundsystem and others. 

The band’s latest single “After Dark,” bears a resemblance to Joy Division and New Order thanks in part to the angular but throbbing bass line, swirling electronics and an overall chilly feel. And yet, lyrically the song is actually a swooning love song.

The official video is the third video that director Javier Antonio Avellan has produced for Night Drive, and the video follows one girl on a late night adventure –and includes lesbian vampires. Yes, lesbian vampires. But beyond that the video portrays both the loneliness and possibility of the night.