NRBQ can trace their roots back to January 1966 when pianist (and now lone founding member) Terry Adams started the band from his Louisville, KY home. Adams met guitarist Steve Ferguson when they were still teens, and that meeting was the catalyst for moving the band out of Adams’ home and onto the stage. Adams and Ferguson strongly believed that the band shouldn’t have to play certain songs to please audiences, and that they should be able to play any song it wants, whenever it wants, regardless of style, and it’s a philosophy that has informed the band 45 years after the release of their self-titled debut album. 

After 20 full-length studio albums, over a dozen live albums, numerous compilations, countless live performances all over the world, and several lineup changes, the band will be releasing their latest studio album, Brass Tacks on June 17. The new album will comprise of a sound that the band has a developed a long-held reputation for meshing pop, rock, jazz and other genres with an upbeat, love-filled tone. 

So to celebrate the occasion, check out this live footage of the legendary band performing “Mouthwaterin’” live at the Hamilton in Washington, DC. Interestingly, the song possesses a New Orleans brass band and bluesy swagger. It’s a fun song that should make you want to get up and dance a bit.