Originally conceived in Toledo, OH and now currently based in Detroit, MI, the duo of Dean Tartaglia and Matt Klein, better known as Silent Lions have been called a sinister two-some of heavy soul by some, thanks to material that employes the use of an affected octave bass, sampled synths and manipulated, atmospheric vocals by Tartagilia and Klein’s soulful melodies. And as you’ll hear on “Runnin’ Me Down,” the first single off the band’s sophomore effort, The Compartments EP the band has been described as sounding much like of the Black Keys, and a mash of Hall and Oates meeting Rage Against the Machine – and although those are somewhat fair comparisons, I’m reminded of Zach de la Rocha’s collaboration with Jon Theodore, One Day As a Lion, as they both have a sense of throbbing and insistent menace. Granted, the major difference is how bluesy Silent Lions are but you’ll get the point.